Sage Super

Sage Super is a specialist SMSF administration business providing services tailored to meet the needs of trustees.

These range from preparing the financial statements and tax returns for straightforward SMSFs, but also offering advice to those funds with complex requirements or complications as required.

Our proactive approach and real time administration ensures that you maximise the potential of your SMSF.


Our administration service provides comprehensive, accurate and up to date record keeping, ensuring all of the related compliance requirements are met. With our depth of expertise and knowledge, we can offer high level of skills in areas such as:
  • Proactive management of the taxation advantages available to you.
  • Work with you to maximise opportunities that may arise during the difference phases of your SMSF.
  • Expertly manage the complexity of running multiple pensions, and combinations of pension and accumulating benefits.
  • Actively segregate assets where required or where it may be to your advantage.
  • Provide you with expertise in catering for blended families or disabled family members.
  • Reconstruct compliant records for prior years.

The Sage Super Difference

In essence, SMSF administration services are standard across the industry. Like other service providers, we:

  • Maintain accounting records.
  • Prepare year end accounts, returns and statements.
  • Facilitate an independent audit.
  • Lodge annual SMSF return with the regulator.

So how do our services set us apart from others?

  • We maintain accurate and timely records. This may seem obvious, but often when we take over funds from other providers, we discover many errors and flaws.
  • We hold and maintain records exclusively from our office in Australia. No data, information or service is outsourced outside this country.
  • You have access to a principal of the company at all times during office hours.
  • We issue you with a unique "1 page at a glance" snapshot of your SMSF every year.
  • We demystify the delivery of information by limiting jargon, and explaining your benefits and opportunities in plain English.
  • With our systems, you can utilise the following capabilities online if you choose to. Alternatively, we can provide all documentation on paper. It is your choice.
    • You have online access to your investment records, with daily pricing of all Australian listed shares and managed funds.
    • You have access to, and can store, important documents relating to your SMSF through our online portal.
    • You can sign documents with a digital signature by inputting a code delivered by SMS to your mobile phone.